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Atelier Schmitz – Handcrafted Paintings

Handcrafted Paintings from Mauritius:

Welcome to the Art Gallerie from Vanessa Schmitz.

One of the passions from Vanessa Schmitz is painting. In her pictures she likes to paint from the beauty of her country. The possibilities in Mauritius are unlimited; from beautiful landscapes to magical places.

Even a “known place” can be discovered newly again every day, through a different perspective. This moment she tries to capture in her pictures.

If you like her paintings and if you are interested to take home one of her pictures as a memory of a wonderful holiday in Mauritius, please feel welcome to contact Vanessa.

The Atelier from Vanessa Schmitz is open daily from Monday to Sunday and can be visited after prior appointment.

Every of her paintings are unique and handcrafted.

Contact & Address:

Atelier Schmitz
Morcellement Jhumuck
50301 Grand Bel Air

WhatsApp or Phone:

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday:
With prior appointment


Atelier Schmitz –  Handcrafted Paintings from Mauritius:



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