• Hello Mauritius Catamaran Boat Excursion to the nothern islands of Mauritius

Catamaran Boat Excursion from Grand Baie Mauritius

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 6 Hours
  • Price: RS2,200

Full day catamaran boat excursion to the northern islands (Coin de Mire, Flat Island, Gabriel Island) from Mauritius inclusive BBQ / Lunch and drinks.


  • Full day boat excursion with a catamaran
  • Visiting Gabriel Island
  • Possibility of snorkeling during the trip
  • Lunch / BBQ with Fish & Chicken on the catamaran inclusive
  • Drinks inclusive


  • Exclusive Catamaran Excursion only for your family & friends
  • Bigger groups, Parties or special Events on request


  • Departure Port: Grand Baie
  • Duration: Full day – 6 hours
  • Departure Time: Several times a week at 08:30 am
  • Reservation required
  • Price: Adults (as from 9 years) 2.200 RS p.p.
  • Price: Childs (4-8 years) 1.200 RS p.p.
  • Price: Infants (0-3 years) 600 RS p.p. for the insurance cover

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Tour Description:

Your fullday boat excursion with a catamaran starts at around 8:30am from Grand Baie, in the North of Mauritius. From there you´ll head to the smaller islands, placed not far away from the coast.

After about 45 minutes you will move along the first island Coin de Mire, with its impressive cliffs. Additionally, it is the breading place from many birds and also Dolphins and Whales can be spotted in the surrounding, occasionally.

Then, you´ll continue your journey to Gabriel Island, where the Catamaran will set the anchor. Now, you will get the opportunity to visit the island, with time to enjoy the relaxing atmoshpere or ejnoying your time with swimming and snorkeling. In the meantime, the Crew will prepare the BBQ / Lunch.

The BBQ with chicken, fish and sausages will be served as a buffet, directly on the Catamaran. A vegetarian option is also available. Additionally, the crew will serve you various types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, which are all included, during the entire excursion.

After lunch, you will have time to relax on the Catamaran, before around 2:00pm, you will start the way back to Grand Baie, where the excursion ends at around 3:30pm.

Please note:

Please bring your own snorkeling equipment (or try to borrow these, from your Hotel), if you would like to go for snorkeling, during the excursion.

Additionally, (especially during the winter season), please bring a wind- and/or rain jacket, because it may start to rain, at any time, in a tropical country.


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Worth knowing about:


Cap Malheureux:

Cap Malheureux is the name of a village in the district Riviére de Rempart in the north of Mauritius. Cap Malheureux is also the name of the North Cape, the northernmost point of the main island of Mauritius, which lies within the area of the village. The place is known for the Catholic chapel: Chapelle-Notre-Dame-Auxiliatrice with its showy red roof.

Gunner´s Coin – Coin de Mire:

Coin de Mire is a small, uninhabited volcanic rock island. The island has an area of 76 hectares and is located 8 km off the north coast of Mauritius (in front of the village Anse la Raie). The highest point on the island reaches a height of 167m above sea level. The submerged cliffs dropping steeply (The Wall), are an attractive spot for diving and for snorkeling. The reef is home to many different fish species like the Butterflyfish, Surgeonfish, Damselfish and large Trumpetfish. Whales are also regulary spotted in the vicinity of the island. Furthermore, many native birds are nesting in the cliffs and can be spotted flying around the island. Some of the most known bird species are the Wedge-tailed shearwater, Sooty terns as well as the Red-tailed and White-tailed tropicbird. The island is a natural reserve and entering the island is not allowed for tourists.

Flat Island – Île Plate:

Flat Island is a small uninhabited island, belonging to the state of Mauritius. With an area of 2.53 km², it is the largest of the direct beside islands of Mauritius and is located 11 km off Cap Malheureux, the northernmost point of the main island of Mauritius. The island’s highest point is located in the southwest at a height of 95m above sea level. At this place, it is the location from one of the two lighthouses in Mauritius, that are still active till today. There is also a 19th century cemetery on the island when the Britain used the island as a quarantine island. People who died of malaria, smallpox or other diseases during this period were buried here.

Gabriel Island – Îlot Gabriel:

Gabriel Island is a small 42.2 hectare large island. The island belongs to the state of Mauritius and is located about 11 km northeast off Cap Malheureux from the mainland. In the immediate vicinity and only 300m away, is located the by foot at low tide reachable island, Flat Island. More islands in the surrounding from Gabriel Island are: Round Island, Ile aux Serpents, Coin de Mire and the small rocky island of Pigeon House Rock.



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