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Catamaran Excursion with Dolphin Watching in Mauritius

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 6 Hours
  • Price: RS2,000

Full day Catamaran Excursion with Dolphin Watching, Swimming at the Crystal Rock and Visiting Ile-aux-Bénitiers on the West-Coast of Mauritius; BBQ / Lunch and drinks inclusive.


  • Full day Excursion with a Catamaran
  • Dolphin Watching
  • Swimming at the Crystal Rock
  • Visiting of the island – Ile-aux-Bénitiers
  • BBQ / Lunch with Fish & Chicken on the Catamaran
  • Drinks inclusive


  • Exclusive Catamaran Excursion only for your family & friends
  • Bigger groups, Parties or special Events on request


  • Departure Port: Black River
  • Duration: Full day –6 hours
  • Departure Time: Several times a week at 08:45 am
  • Reservation required
  • Price: Adults (as from 9 years) 2.000 RS p.p.
  • Price: Childs (4-8 years) 1.200 RS p.p.
  • Price: Infants (0-3 years) 500 RS p.p. for the insurance cover

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Tour Description:

Your relaxed Catamaran Excursion starts at 8:45 from Black River in the West of Mauritius. While the crew will offer you small breads for breakfast, the Catamaran is heading to the area, where you can observe the Dolphins swimming in the sea.

Afterwards the tour will continue into the direction to Le Morne Brabant. While you can relax on the Catamaran, the crew offers you a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. There will also be a possibility for swimming or a cool down in the sea.

While the crew starts to prepare the BBQ for lunch, the Catamaran will move on to stop directly near the famous “Crystal Rock”. For lunch time at around 12:30, the crew serves you a buffet with grilled chicken, fish, sausages, salad and bread.

After lunch, you can either stay and chill on the Catamaran or the crew will offer you the transfer to Ile-aux-Bénitiers in a small dinghy. If you decide to go, take some cold drinks for the stay on the island.

In the afternoon the Catamaran starts the way back to Black River where your journey ends at around 3:30 p.m.

Please note:

The Dolphin observation, as well as swimming with Dolphins, is very popular with many tourists. Therefore, there will be many boats driving and following after the Dolphins. If you don´t agree with that or don´t like to support this, you should better go for another excursion.

Additionally, please bring your own snorkeling equipment (or try to borrow these, from your Hotel), if you would like to go for snorkeling, during the excursion.

Also, (especially during the winter season), please bring a wind- and/or rain jacket, because it may start to rain, at any time, in a tropical country.


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Worth knowing about:


Le Morne Brabant:

The Le Morne Brabant is a 556 m high mountain and extends over an area of 12 hectars in the South-West of Mauritius. In the time of Slavery, the mountain was directly connected to the history of Mauritius. During the 19th centuary many Slaves fled and went into hiding on the mountain. On the 1st of February 1835 a police expedition was send to the top of the mountain to announce the end of Slavery. Many Slaves understood this gesture wrongly and threw themselves from the mountain into their deaths. Since that day, the 1st of February is considered as a national public holiday to celebrate the end of Slavery.

Île aux Bénitiers:

Ile aux Bénitiers is a 65 hectar large, uninhabitant island in the district of Black River in the South-West of Mauritius. The island has a length of 2 km and is at its widest point around 500 m wide. The island consists of coral sand and is located about 500 m off the coast of La Gaulette.

Crystal Rock:

The Crystal Rock is a small coral rock in the form of a crystal, where the rock got its name from. The Crystal Rock is located around 500 m in front of Ile-aux-Bénitiers and is likely the most known peace of rock from Mauritius.



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