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Jean Francois Louis – Necklaces & Accessoires

Jean Francois Louis – Necklaces & Accessoires Seller on Ile-aux-Bénitiers:

Nowadays, there are many different merchants at Ile-aux-Bénitiers, offering their products to tourists.

Among them is also Jean Francois Louis.

Jean Francois louis was the very first necklace & accessiores seller on Ile-aux-Bénitiers. With more than 35 years of experience, he was already offering his accessoires & souvenirs to tourists, long before the island even became touristic.

Therefore, if you are interested in buying a necklace or a souvenir during your stay at Ile-aux-Bénitiers, look out and support “the original”, Jean Francois Louis.

Contact & Address:

Jean Francois Louis

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Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday:
Every day on Ile-aux-Bénitiers


Jean Francois Louis – Necklace & Accessoires Seller on Ile-aux-Bénitiers:



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